Rome May 2016
"Rome calls on companies and the rich to adopt crumbling ancient sites"

"City asks philathropists to provide cash for excavations of the Forum, restoration of parts of the Colosseum and repair of fountains and aqueducts"

"Fulvia: Original Gangster of Ancient Rome"

If you meet women in Italy who in your opionions are gangsters then yes they are and you can trace their roots back to Ancient Rome!

Italian mentality?

La dolce Vita from birth to death! We are not blind to Italian socities unjustice but we see possibilities to create La dolce vita for all!

"Metro A, via al restyling di tre stazioni. Saranno pronte entro il Giubileo"

"Rome Italy, This is Rome in March 2024. Rome walking tour"

"Rossa Palestina" - Italian Pro-Palestinian Song


Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto


"Ricchi e Poveri - Come vorrei"

Il Mondo

"Ricchi E Poveri - Piccolo amore (Musikladen 30.09.1982)"

"Ricchi E Poveri - Made in Italy (Disco 21.06.1982)"

"Ricchi E Poveri - Voulez vous danser
(Euro-Show 12.05.1984)"